Why You Need to Focus on Design for Better Results

Design is everywhere. It is the first thing that grabs our attention. Investing in design is always a smart option because it pays off, especially in business. Companies that have a more attractive design are more likely to perform better than those that don’t.

In recent years, we have seen a surge in graphic designing, giving businesses identity and a strong brand message. It is mainly due to the nature of visual design, as it grabs more attention than any other form of conveying information.

As the world shifts towards digitalization, the importance of graphic design keep reaching new heights, especially after COVID-19. Businesses are more conscious about the outlook of their brand as it marks the first impression on any visitor.

Social Media & Design

Social media is the platform where most users are exposed to digital design in their everyday lives. With around 3.6 billion people in the world using social media, outstanding graphic design becomes an imperative function to incorporate within your business to make sure people who are scrolling stop for a second and look at the brand. A good design is therefore crucial for the well-being and performance of your business.


An attractive graphic design layout of a company’s website or promotions, or even their logo can help them in luring more customers. In an intensely competitive world, a consumer has infinite options to pick from.

Homogeneity of most consumer goods makes the buyer indifferent, which is where an impeccable graphic design can make or break your sale. It can set you apart from your competitor, globally.

A luxurious and striking design can make it a point of difference for any company, which they can use as a brand identity and charge a premium for.

Some Stats to Consider

A unique logo, which is part of graphic designing, can remarkably be a differentiating factor for most. Logos are proven to be the most predominant identifiers of any company’s brand identity, accounting for 75% of it.

Good logos are recognizable, and recognizable brand logos add on to the brand awareness of the company. They help consumers make decisions in favor of the company because 50% of consumers are inclined towards brands whose logo they can recall. They are most likely to pick the known brand over another due to evoked feelings of familiarity.

With a good design, you can dominate the internet. There are more than 4.5 billion active internet users in the world, as of January 2021. This digital population is the target audience for the majority of businesses, especially the one whose domain is e-commerce.

Graphic design or digital design is highly essential for them to draw more customers on the basis of vastly valued aesthetics that buyers look at before making a choice. Advertising is another factor that demands a superior visual appeal.

For businesses that operate online and advertise often, a visually appealing outlook is the first and foremost factor that lures the customer in their initial seconds of exposure to the advert.

In order to make their advertisements more effective, brands constantly work on innovating the visual appeal through enhanced graphic designs every now and then to tailor them as per their buyer personas.

In this fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is vital for brands to constantly innovate and re-build their brand’s visual identity to keep up with dynamic consumer tastes.

The need for graphic design in this aspect has evolved from an optional feature to one of the most important ones. Brands that do not realize this are the ones who stay behind in the race of occupying permanent space in the mind of a buyer.